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Upgrade AC (Mains) cables are used by many audio/video enthusiasts who recognize the improvements they provide for many components. We urge you to complete a system analysis and speak with a knowledgeable dealer or Straight Wire staff to determine which power cables are most beneficial for your system.

MECHANICAL ISSUES: Low Frequency vibrations (60-240 HZ harmonics) cause noise in the power supplies of many components. The supply can be poorly seated and even with perfect power - create mechanical resonances.

ELECTRICAL ISSUES: Leakages, magnetic field effects and induced noise  based upon how well the power supply is shielded and physically coupled to the chassis. Overall shielding and grounding of the component is quite important.


Do power cords make audible / visible differences on most components? - YES

Do tires of the same speed rating make differences on performance cars - YES

Would you choose the same tire for a light sports car vs. a big sedan - NO

Is their one Power Cable design that will work great on all equipment - NO

Straight Wire Power

Straight Wire has power cords composed of shielded low resistance twisted helical pairs and
premium materials that minimize electromagnetic effects, noise and maintain dynamics.

Straight Wire GREY THUNDER

Reference Power Cable. Ideal for high level power amps and select components with IEC female receptacles.

9 gauge Stranded Oxygen Free Copper.

3 @ 14 Gauge per polarity

Flexible Gray mesh covered Jacket. PFA & PP insulation,
OD 11mm


Our Premium Power Cable. Suitable for high level components with IEC female receptacles.

10 gauge Stranded Oxygen Free Copper.

6 @ 18 Gauge per polarity, shielded

Flexible Black mesh covered Jacket. PFA insulation,
OD 11mm


Straight Wire BLUE THUNDER

High performance high resolution Power Cable. Great for better separates (power/pre amp) and premium flat screens, projectors and powered speakers.

12 gauge Oxygen Free Copper

4 @18 gauge per polarity, shielded

Blue TPR Jacket, PFA insulation,
OD 10mm


Straight Wire gray lightning

GRAY LIGHTNING: Super flexible, upgrade performance for any components that offer a detachable IEC female receptacle. Cost effective for long run applications.

12 gauge Stranded Oxygen Free Copper

2 @15 gauge per polarity, shielded

Gray TPR Jacket, Hybrid flexible insulation,  
OD  9mm


Straight Wire POWER PLUGS

AC POWER PLUGS: Large selection of male and female plugs,
USA and many international standards. Please contact us to make
sure you are selecting the right connectors to meet your amperage
and voltage requirements.



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