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Upgrade Interconnect cables are considered by many to be anything better than what comes in the box. Some people consider thicker cables with gold plated ends to be enough.

Straight Wire has pleasantly surprised many skeptical AV enthusiasts over the past three decades how much our cables can improve their listening enjoyment. 

Advanced materials, proprietary designs, meticulous engineering, special manufacturing processes and skilled American craftsmen make our cables highly sought after, regarded and respected in the AV industry on a worldwide basis.

Please explore this website and fill out the AUDIO SYSTEM ANALYSIS section to enable us to help you learn which cables will best compliment your system. Together with our network of highly trained, passionate dealers, we are confident you will be glad you selected Straight Wire.

Straight Wire interconnect

LEVEL 1 is an essential upgrade over manufacturer supplied cables. Designed to help modest receivers, CD players, I-pod/MP3, basic game systems and other components which can be limited by traditional "patch-cords" & twin lead speaker cable.


LEVEL 2 presents a significant audible advancement beyond standard cables. They optimize the performance of better audio and home theater components. These include digital audio receivers, Blu-ray players, better game systems, HD Sat/Cable boxes, and numerous upgrade components.


LEVEL 3 consists of audiophile grade high articulation audio cables. Utilizing top materials and applied technology benefits from our award winning reference designs. Consider Level 3 for premium digital AV receiver and pre/amp component separates, external D to A converters, analog (phono) units and speakers.


LEVEL 4 is the reference level for unsurpassed musical satisfaction. Designed and produced for those seeking maximum performance from their select audio components. If you have such components or intend to acquire some– please allow us the mutual pleasure of presenting Straight Wire Level 4 for your audition and full consideration.

Level 1: Essential Upgrade over Manufacturers Supplied Cables

Straight Wire MCA

Musicable II IC is a favorite for unleashing the potential of digital surround sound receivers, DVD and CD players, music servers, MP3 players, DVRs, subwoofers and other components. Its advanced polypropylene insulation in a balanced Star Quad design brings out the depth and subtleties from your favorite recordings. Dual shields are great at rejecting noise for long runs. Straight Wire MCA cutaway

XLR (balanced termination)
and Telescopic termination
(tie the shield to ground at one end) are available along
with standard RCA termination.

Matte Navy Blue Jacket
6mm (.23") diameter
MCA info
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Straight Wire CAG

Chorus AG IC reveals the details in your favorite movies and music to improve your home entertainment experience. Sintered Foam PTFE insulation and silver plated OFC conductors produce great sonic realism and depth. Chorus AG utilizes an advanced symmetrical coaxial design to deliver an uncompromised signal including pinpoint details and tight, accurate bass. It will capture and release all the subtleties that you enjoy hearing.

Straight Wire CAG cutawayMatte Gray Jacket
7mm (.28") diameter.

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Level 2: Significant Audible Advancement beyond Standard Cables

Straight Wire SYM

Symphony II IC enhances the presentation capabilities of better electronics. Its silky midrange and rich, extended bass retrieval abilities convey all the natural texture of vocals and instruments. It incorporates special Foam TPR insulation around OFHC copper conductor groups in a balanced Star Quad design. Great for mid level integrated amps, components with discreet analog audio circuitry, better subwoofers and better digital equipment!

XLR (balanced termination) and Telescopic termination
(tie the shield to ground at one end) are available along
with standard RCA termination.

Straight Wire SYM cutawayCharcoal Gray Jacket
7mm (.28") diameter

SYM info
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Straight Wire ENI

Encore II IC utilizes OFHC conductors with the highest grade of Foam Poly-propylene insulation for uncolored presentation with engaging vocals. Straight Wire's most advanced Star-Quad design, Encore II, provides realistic tight bass and true upper frequencies regardless of cable length. This cable's high compatibility with nearly all components makes it a clear choice above the competition. Discover the significant improvement Encore II can make with today's top rated digital receivers and most separate components.

Straight Wire ENI cutawayXLR (balanced termination) and Telescopic termination
(tie the shield to ground at one end) are available along
with standard RCA termination

Clear Jacket over Red Braid
Diameter 8m (.31")

ENI info
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Grand Prix Award Winner - Audio Video International Magazine

Level 3: Audiophile Grade High Articulation Cables 

Straight Wire RPI

Rhapsody S IC was developed from a low resistance, helical design foundation employing six conductor groups, Silver coated OFHC copper delivers detailed articulation of all frequencies with luxurious musicality. Foam Polypropylene insulation encapsulates each group in a low dielectric environment. You'll enter a holographic soundstage just like the original recording venue. Acknowledged interconnect selection of knowledgeable industry personnel for trade show demonstrations. Straight Wire RPI cutaway

XLR (balanced termination)
and Telescopic termination
(tie the shield to ground at one end) are available along
with standard RCA termination

Clear Jacket over Blue Braid
Diameter 10mm (.39")
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Straight Wire EXI

Expressivo IC incorporates Compressed Conductor Technology
(CCT) with 4  “air suspended” conductors at 21 awg (American Wire Gauge) of compressed OFHC Copper.  Multiple low dielectric insulations optimize mechanical and electrical performance. It combines CCT with a modified Star Quad Helix design that conveys musical nuances together with dynamic passages in a lifelike, un-restrained balance for highly refined components. 

The air space and soundstage are remarkably well defined with a quick, accurate pace. Upper register frequencies have appropriate speed and timbre with clear harmonic structure. Mid level passages offer natural sibilance and emotional character that bring you closer to your favorite recordings. Mid-bass is tight with appropriate decay while lower registers are
full of force with true impact.

XLR (balanced termination) and Telescopic termination
(tie the shield to ground at one end) are available along
with standard RCA termination

Mesh Jacket over Blue Braid
Diameter 13mm (.50”)


Serenade II IC employs Certified CDA 101 copper conductors in a low resistance, advanced Helix CCT (Compressed Conductor Technology) design. It conveys musical structure and dynamic passages with great focus and clarity.  Mid bass weight and midrange coherence are elevated in this “baby brother” to the award-winning Crescendo  It captivates the listener with an effortless  conveyance of the original air space and details. Unrestricted performance. pristine highs, brilliant mid range and vigorous bass are obvious when used in concert with high level audio components. Serenade II delivers all of the nuances of your favorite source materials. Straight Wire SER cutaway

XLR (balanced termination)
and Telescopic termination
(tie the shield to ground at one end) are available along
with standard RCA termination

Clear jacket over white braid;
Diameter 13mm (.510")
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Level 4: Reference Grade Cables   

These cables are not for the casual listener, utilizing Super-Micro-porous Foam PTFE insulation and premium locking gold/PTFE connectors for high velocity of propagation and the best connections. Unique CCT conductors deliver speed, clarity & bass impact unobtainable from other cables. 

Straight Wire VSI

Virtuoso R2: strikes the captivating balance of articulation and lifelike musical presentation with distinguished coherency and dynamics. 
Premium individually coated Silver/Copper conductors in an advanced Dual Symmetrical Helix design have undergone such extensive refinement nor been scrutinized by as many critical music lovers. 

Many of the world's most respected audiophile manufactures rely on Virtuoso interconnects for the final "voicing" of their reference systems.  We hope that you too will also trust Virtuoso to serve in your reference system. It performs equally well in both solid state and tube based systems.

XLR (balanced termination) and Telescopic termination
(tie the shield to ground at one end) are available along
with standard RCA termination

Clear jacket over black/gray braid;
Diameter 10mm (.39")
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Straight Wire Crescendo

Crescendo 3: is a dramatic departure from all existing interconnect designs. No other Straight Wire cable has utilized the advanced field testing and dealer input or undergone such minute refinement. With an advanced helix array of many conductor groups, it has the lowest resistance of any interconnect. All dynamic constraints are eliminated; remaining is the most holographically believable soundscape, capable of transporting the listener to the original recording space.

With Crescendo, music more than captivates the listener. You'll distinguish each musician and their instrument. Without the slightest hint of grain or glare, you'll take in every ounce of detail, allowing you to hear the entire performance venue. This component is for a select few who have the resources and environment to truly appreciate such a cable.

XLR (balanced termination) and Telescopic termination (tie the shield to ground at one end) are available along with standard RCA termination

Clear jacket over black/gray braid; Diameter 19mm (..740")
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INWALL CABLE for Custom and DIY applications.
The innovative “Push-Prong” Cable and Plugs were developed by Steven Hill, President of Straight Wire, based upon the growing demand for terminating custom cables in the field, quickly and with no solder. Most compression plugs are not re-usable, so if the installer makes a mistake – they must cut off and waste the plug. The Straight Wire “Push-Prong” Plugs can be re-used by simply unscrewing the barrel and bending out the prongs to remove the cable, cut to length and re-terminate.

The plugs are designed to work best with any solid conductor 23 AWG coax – a broadcast industry standard. Straight Wire offers a full line of premium silver plated 23 gauge coax cables – single, double (Siamese), triple (parallel) and their winning Silver series under a round jacket including 2,3,5 and 5 coaxes with a two Cat5E cables

Straight Wire PUSH PRONG progression


Silver 23 - Single, 23 gauge silver plated conductor coax,
white insulation

Silver 23 - Double, 23 gauge silver plated "Siamese" coaxes,
red and white insulation.

Straight Wire PUSH PRONG

23 Gauge Conductors in single round jacket

Silver 5 PLUS: Five (5) 75 ohm mini coaxes with
Silver plated center conductors plus two CAT5e cables

Silver 5: Five (5) 75 ohm mini coaxes with
Silver plated center conductors

Silver 3: Three (3) 75 ohm mini coaxes with
Silver plated center conductors

Silver 2: Two (2) 75 ohm mini coaxes with
Silver plated center conductors

Silver 5 plus cable
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SUBWOOFER CABLES Back to Interconnects

Subwoofer interconnects provide low level signals to powered subwoofers (those with built-in amps). They are primarily connected to the LFE outputs of AV receivers or preamps with a single or double connection at the load end. Check with a knowledgeable AV specialist about the benefits of a double connection based upon the design of your subwoofer(s).

A few subwoofers are designed to connect to full range left/right outputs of the preamp (if available) for better performance with a full range signal. Be cautious in using a Y cable at the source and long subwoofer runs which may degrade the preamp output quality to the main amplifier channels.

Some subwoofers are designed to perform better with high level inputs via speaker cable from external amplifiers. If you do not have a knowledgeable AV advisor – please contact us to help you select the best subwoofer cable for your system.

These cables all share an advanced Star Quad geometry with various insulations and conductors. All Straight Wire subwoofer cables are terminated in standard format for low resistance and even shield noise distribution. They can be terminated in balanced format (XLR) and in a single ended shield connection upon request.

Straight Wire MCA SUB



MUSICABLE (MCASUB) – good choice
for AV receiver based systems

  • 4 OFC conductors at 26 awg
  • Polypropylene insulation
  • High coverage braid shield





Straight Wire SYM SUB



SYMPHONY (SYMSUB) – the right choice
for advanced AV receivers

  • 4 OFC conductors at 24awg
  • Foam TPR insulation
  • Copper foil/ high coverage braid – dual shields

Straight Wire ENI SUB



ENCORE (ENISUB) – excellent for
premium receivers and separates  

  • 4 OFHC conductors at 21awg
  • Foam Polypropylene insulation
  • Copper foil/ high coverage braid – dual shields
  • Red anti static fiber braid – for low microphonic issues



For the highest level subwoofer applications, please contact us or our network of AV specialist dealers to consider Rhapsody, Expressivo, Serenade, or Virtuoso subwoofer cables.


Y cables Back to Interconnects

Straight Wire Y CABLES



Y cables have a 3”-8” split at the load end, dividing the signal into 2 connectors. They are primarily used for dual subwoofer inputs and splitting a source or pre-amp signal to multiple load locations.

V-cables have two pieces of wire connected at the source and are used for longer splits. They can be used from pre-amp to multiple amps and from a single LFE output to multiple subwoofers.

Tonearm cables

Straight Wire BVIT TONEARM


Tonearm cables connect from the back of a tonearm headshell to a phono preamp. They must be quite flexible to avoid restriction of the tonearm movement. Many turntables have fixed mounts on the base which allow for the use of standard RCA interconnects. The typical
length is suggested to not exceed 2M (6.5 ft) due to the small signal
size that comes from the phono cartridge. 

Tonearm cables should have a separate ground wire
(approx 10” longer) to drain noise away from the cartridge/turntable components to the phono preamp.


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