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Critically acclaimed for Music Ribbon – first impedance tunable, flat speaker cable and the LSI (Linear Series Impedance) interconnect. Straight Wire music_ribbon


First to use micro-fiber for controlled air-space electrical and mechanical benefits.  
    1987 TMI/TMC introduced as the first matched cable series.  
    1988 First cable company to offer a LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY on all cables.  

Maestro series – first to use an internal – not external woven braid of anti-static fiber to minimize microphonics and mechanical resonances. Straight Wire maestro
    1991 One of the first to use silver - no lead solder - over 15 years before ROHS  


Virtuoso series introduced as the first cables with two tunings: Distinct capacitive and inductive tunings for tube/solid state and planar/dynamic system variations.  

One of the first cable companies to offer a selection of Video and Home theater cables  
    1997 One of the first to offer High quality UL rated custom installation, home theater and various video cables.  
    1998 First to offer detailed system analysis for selecting cables on their website.  


Crescendo series introduced for the USA premier of the B&W Nautilus series.
First cable to offer unprecedented micro detail recovery and 3-dimensionality based upon such a low resistance cable format with controlled parameters.
Straight Wire CRESC


First to introduce CCT (Compressed Conductor Technology), providing the best attributes of solid core and stranded cable designs. Employed in Crescendo Virtuoso, Serenade, Rhapsody and Octave.  


First to utilize Dual-Dielectric technology. Two layers of different dielectric designed to optimize both the electrical and mechanical issues of premium cables.  


Virtuoso H – First Symmetrical Helix designed cable – combines the best aspects of a symmetrical coax and large format helix design. Straight Wire VSCH

Silver Bundle – First to combine multiple premium silver coaxes with Cat 5e for control. Followed with a complete Silver 23 ga. series of 2, 3 and 5 coax bundles.  

Crescendo II SC – First to incorporate multi-tubular cores and advancements with Dual Dielectric usage for better mechanical and electrical performance in real life usage with tight bending radius installations.  

Push Prong RCA - innovative simple, reusable, solderless RCA system – patent pending Silver 23 cables (broadcast standard) available in Siamese and triple parallel configurations. Straight Wire silver

USB - First to use compressed silver plated conductors for data path in a high performance, cost effective design  

Expressivo SC & IC - First to use suspended air space insulation with CCT conductors. Tubular PE spiraled around compressed conductors in a low resistance (9 awg per polarity) design  
    2012 LHDS - Long HDMI with redmere impedance correction chipsets for consistent 1080P and 3D performance. Straight Wire LHDS
    2014 CAG - ChorusAG interconnect with Silver plated symmetrical coax design for remarkable detailed presentation and value.  
    2015 USBF- Dual filtered (power and data) USB2 for audiphile applications. Straight Wire USBF

SHOC - Premium AOC hybrid fiber HDMI

4K 60 Hz 4:4:4 with HDR ....

Plenum rated long HDMI (up to 50M -165ft)

Special optical couplers and terminations

    2020 Crescendo Series III with dual insulation with CCT compacted (7%) conductors.   
    2020 Expressivo SC, IC and GrandeSC Series II - Utilizing air space insulation with CCT compacted (7%) conductors.   


Straight Wire Steven Hill


Many years ago– STRAIGHT WIRE started in a garage – we’ve grown quite a bit but still have a passion for catering to audiophiles and AV enthusiasts who want to get the most from their cable components. Regardless of the size , product/service selection or achievements of a company, what matters most is that people feel a good connection (pun intended) and have no doubt as to the level of care.

The 1980’s was a period when many people who were incredulous about the benefits of audio cables became believers in Straight Wire. We visited many Specialist Hi-Fi dealers across the USA, did demonstrations/ comparisons with their systems and received some great reviews. Visiting potential customer homes with cables in tow, oscilloscopes and test generators to show measurable differences ,Try Before You Buy programs, and comprehensive technical papers on audio cables were some of the notable achievements along with many great cables.


The 1990’s was an era of widespread acceptance and demand for upgrade cables – both audio and video. We had a large international expansion, selling all types of cables in over 30 countries including High End Audio, Custom Install (UL rated for in-wall use) , Video (Composite, S, Component, VGA,..), Mobile (high end car stereo), and even Studio/Professional. I became heavily involved with AAHEA (Academy for Advancement of High End Audio), CEA (Consumer Electronics Association) and other Industry groups – chairing divisions and committees. This industry participation led to many close projects and associations with Sony, Harman and numerous high end AV companies that we still enjoy today.

By the first decade of the new millennium, upgrade or high quality cables became more widely accepted as a necessary consideration or component. Straight Wire acquired a larger facility, expanded staff and product offerings while maintaining a personal attachment (please call us to chat anytime) approach to our dealers, distributors, and especially to potential or existing consumers. Perhaps due to our willingness to help or large group of industry partners/friends - complimentary advice extended beyond cables to all aspects of consumer AV systems. If a dealer or consumer had a concern or issue – we would use our industry contacts and acquired knowledge to solve it – promptly, without regard to whether they needed cables. We made many new friends who still appreciate our efforts and kindness on behalf of the AV community.

Today Straight Wire still believes in a high level of care. We have numerous cables and accessory products coupled with a team of dedicated individuals who take a proprietary interest in your AV needs /desires . I still write articles for numerous publications and provide guidance as a CEA mentor for new and existing industry partners. We still enjoy chatting and emailing about different pieces of equipment, rooms, opinions and ideas to make your system look and sound as good as it can be. Feel free to contact us anytime – Straight Wire – when performance comes down to the wire.

Steven Hill – President – Straight Wire



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