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Blu-Ray DVD, Cable /SAT Box, Game System, Computer, Media Server.

Most of today’s sources have HDMI connectivity. Some sources still utilize audio interconnects, digital audio, USB.

If you are unsure of the optimal connections for your components, please fill out the Home Theater SYSTEM ANALYSIS - and we will respond promptly with suggestions and a nearby knowledgeable AV dealer who can help you make the right choices

  • Straight Wire produces award winning
    UPGRADE cables for over 36 years!

  • The majority are proprietary & handmade
    in the USA by our skilled technicians.

  • Regardless of the quality of your home theater,
    better cables will enhance performance and
    your overall entertainment experience.

  • Basic Cables make your
    theater system FUNCTION

  • Upgrade Cables allow your
    theater system to PERFORM



Digital AV receivers offer control switching and processing functions as well as multichannel power. Processors and AV preamps require a separate amp(s) and usually offer many advanced connectivity options,

Digital to Analog conversion, (D to A), upscaling video signals, multichannel audio, Digital Signal Processing (DSP) and many other features with great benefits.

For better CD players you have to choose the right INTERCONNECT or DIGITAL AUDIO cable. Blu-Ray Players HD Cable/SAT boxes and other high definition sources require an HDMI connection.

Straight Wire home AV REC


SPEAKER CABLES carry signal and power – they are subject to more distortions than Interconnects which carry just signal. It is important to consider the length, power, electrical characteristics and other factors in choosing the right speaker cable.

It is preferable to locate your receiver or amp(s) close to the speakers. Terminations via gold plated spades, banana plugs and pins are suggested over bare wire to minimize corrosion. Many Left, Center, Right (LCR) speakers offer 4 post (bi-wire) connection vs. the standard 2 post.

Most Straight Wire speaker cables offer internal bi-wire capability. If you are unsure of the best speaker cable solution for your home theater system – please do not hesitate contact us for answers and a referral to one of our knowledgeable AV dealers.


Straight Wire CHSC


A Home Theater is not complete without at least one SUBWOOFER. Better subwoofer cables will provide tighter, faster, cleaner bass with more dynamic impact for optimal low frequency reproduction

Most of today’s subwoofers are self powered with a built in amplifier and require an AC power connection.  LFE (low frequency effects) come out via a single  RCA connection from most current AV receivers. Many installers use a basic coax connection which is not optimal for long runs.

All Straight Wire subwoofer cables are advanced Star Quad designs with various insulations and conductors. They are terminated in standard format for low resistance and even shield noise distribution. They can all be terminated in balanced format (XLR) and in a single ended shield connection upon request.


Straight Wire subwoofer

COMPOSITE VIDEO: Basic cable used for video transmission. Single wire that combines luminance, chrominance and sync signals in a coaxial design cable. Used to connect VCR’s, TV’s, cable boxes and other NTSC standard video components. Terminated with F, RCA or BNC connectors.
Straight Wire DIL cutaway

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