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Cables are components (not accessories) because your system will not function without them. Over the past decade major advancements in audio video equipment necessitate the use of high performance cables to deliver all the music and the best picture possible. Upgrading with Straight Wire cables is the easiest and least expensive way to improve the performance of your system. Used from audio input to output, you'll easily discern the tighter bass, smoother highs, and much clearer vocals. Video images have less color bleed, stronger more clearly defined black levels, fewer sparkles or pixelization and greater depth of field . While all cables transfer signal from one component to another, none accomplish this task with the accuracy of Straight Wire.

If you have made or are planning to make a significant investment for a high quality digital AV receiver, upgrade speakers including surrounds and a subwoofer - you owe it to yourself to consider and hopefully experience the benefits of upgrade audio cables.

Buying a new flat-screen or projector, upgrading to an HD cable or SAT box, getting a Blu-Ray player or 3-D capable video components – you deserve to experience the full performance benefits you will obtain via upgrade digital or analog video cables.


Why Not Just Use the Cables in the Box or Generic Wire?

The cables that comes in the box are included for basic functionality – to get you started. They will typically include a short red/white/yellow basic AV cable. The manufacturer does not know your other components or the lengths and formats you require for your system. Most importantly, they do not know the level of performance you wish to obtain.

These same manufacturers often solicit us for cables to use at trade shows and for important new product demonstrations. These events are typically industry only –so why do they insist on using upgrade cables? To demonstrate the full capabilities and attributes of their products.

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