WHY SHOULD YOU CHOOSE STRAIGHT WIRE? enjoy the best performance, reliability and value from your cable components.

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Made and assembled in the USA by skilled craftsmen, lifetime limited warranty, try before you buy and guaranteed trade-in programs to name a few benefits. Used internally by JBL Synthesis, Triad, Wisdom and many more for CES, CEDIA and critical demonstrations. Recognized worldwide for 36 years as a leader in cable performance at all price levels.

Straight Wire is owned and staffed by enthusiast individuals who have passion, knowledge and years of experience in the AV industry. We enjoy taking the time to communicate with potential customers about all aspects of their system(s) and sometimes suggest improvements that do not include our cables.

Invest the time to discuss your system and room details with us or one of our knowledgeable distribution partners to help you make educated, logical and satisfying cable selections. We are confident you'll want to hear, see & choose Straight Wire.

Why do we offer so many cables?

All audio cables act as complex passive filters with elements of capacitance, inductance and resistance. We don't have a "one size fits all" philosophy and prefer to offer a more custom tailored approach to cabling your system. Factors such as your room acoustics, related components, planned upgrades and sonic preferences will be addressed if you fill out a SYSTEM ANALYSIS or visit one of our authorized professional retailers.

We go to the effort and expense of producing over 75 models of interconnect, speaker, video, digital , power and custom install cable and are confident that you'll find the right cables for your system on this web site.


LEVEL 1 is an essential upgrade over manufacturer supplied cables. Designed to help modest receivers, CD players, I-pod/MP3, basic game systems and other components which can be limited by traditional "patch-cords" & twin lead speaker cable.


LEVEL 2 presents a significant audible advancement beyond standard cables. They optimize the performance of better audio and home theater components. These include digital audio receivers, Blu-ray players, better game systems, HD Sat/Cable boxes, and numerous upgrade components.


LEVEL 3 consists of audiophile grade high articulation audio cables. Utilizing top materials and applied technology benefits from our award winning reference designs. Consider Level 3 for premium digital AV receiver and pre/amp component separates, external D to A converters, analog (phono) units and speakers over $2000 per pair.


LEVEL 4 is the reference level for unsurpassed musical satisfaction. Designed and produced for those seeking maximum performance from their select audio components. If you have such components or intend to acquire some– please allow us the mutual pleasure of presenting Straight Wire Level 4 for your audition and full consideration.

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